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Not geting in game mails

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  • Not geting in game mails

    Hi I noticed a lot of times my mailbox flash but when I open mailbox there is no mail there... I do get system mail and form some players but I don't recieve any guild mail and also from most players...

    Char name: Psiros
    Server: [S59] Rilysia (Europe)

    Can this be fixed?

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    the mail icon seem to flash even if there is no mail if you have a saved mail.

    But if you are not receiving guild mails and player mails, that might be a problem..
    Kongregate Server 1

    Remilia Scarlet


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      Tried to reset cache and cookies?
      Have you checked your block list?
      Can you ask guildie to provide a screenshot of them having mail and your screenshot missing it?


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        yes I tryed reseting cashe and cookies and I'm not blocking anyone or have any saved mail... about screenshots I see no point coz all I can show is empty mailbox... but I can ask my guild mates to send one and take a screenshot of it with timestamp...
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