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is csc bugged again?

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  • is csc bugged again?

    hi there bet on a csc team yesterday (16-11-14) that should have won but did not. is csc bugged again?
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    honestly... why not watch the fights then ask.... nothing is wrong with my CSC but if you dont watch your own CSC fight we outsiders cant tell...

    To elaborate on why total BR is a very crappy indicator...

    Team A has 3 players of 300k BR each, Team B has 2 players with 10k BR and 1 player with 800k BR. Team B has lower total BR but the 800k BR player will single handedly kill all 3 of the 300k BR ppl.
    This is a very extreme example but my point is if you dont watch the fight or even give additional infomation, we cant tell if it is a bug or simply cuz the other team won with luck.
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      Look at fights, if you have enemies there - then CSC working fine. Its a formation/skill/strategy thing.


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        yeah this isnt a bug I had an instance last CSC where i was expecting to lose the fight but turned out that we had won. There is a lot more to consider than just the number on your screen as those only display the teams BR and dragon BR what it does not display are their nymths as well as formation.
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