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  • Pet Dragons

    My magic lamp has unlock pet dragons tabs and it says ive only unlocked one. I have unlocked 13. Unlock 3, 5, 7 and 9 is not open. I have Gobbler, Pebbles, Grumbler Bigfoot, Trickster, Snuggles, Dickson the Nutcracker, Don the Nutcracker, Stan the Nutcracker, Tiger, Sidewinder, Monkey, and Puppy Dog. Do these not count? Which ones do count? Please help.

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    I have unlocked a 10 pets but only the ones I unlocked after they Fixed the Magic Lamp have been counted... I was wondering if the ones before they fixed it counted!? Because I have the one for having 3 unlocked open, which is how many I have unlocked since then. And most of the people on my server are about the same (only have the achievement for 1 or 3).


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      This issue in magic lamp is known and was reported to the dev team already.