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Is csc bugged again? :(

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  • Is csc bugged again? :(

    king's challenge championship
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    Round 1 and round 5 reports
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    None stay alive in the end but both victory points went to "The_Force" team although another team had better chance to win (over 140k br)

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    CSC is NOT bugged as long as the players spawn and fight. The other team likely had some combination of better nymph better formation better team set up and won. Give them the credit please...

    Also the "none stay alive in the end" is a false visual image as Dragon Guardians do not show up if you hit the end now button.
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      Iam sorry marsyk if you supported team Enjoy and lost! I forgot about CSC and went to sleep,forgot to change formation , they won cause they had better formation just! Other reason can be that the 2 others in my team have pretty low br and wrong skills on! One got 400k br, the other had 370k br and me 760k br, CSC cant be won with 1 good player



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        There is no bug in current CSC, its possible to win against bigger BR team due to selection of formation/skills and having a better nymph since they are not counted in BR rating of team.


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          Yeah I know formation etc are important... just wanted to check how they won and saw nothing