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Christmas Sleigh some items buy wh. gold coins again ?

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  • Christmas Sleigh some items buy wh. gold coins again ?

    The event from 12.26-12.29 Christmas Sleigh will be fixed? Some items from it will be only buying wh. gold coins,or now on this event we can buy all items wh. returned gold coins? On the 12.16-12.22 Christmas Sleigh don't say we need gold coins to buy some items and I lose some gold coins bcs. of this confused event or bugged,so who give my gold coins back? I dont want to spend my gold coins,if I know some items will take only gold coins not returned gold coins.So I think this can be a bug,if dont say I need to spend gold coins or returned gold coins for a item!

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    So I think this can be a bug
    Its not a bug, and this christmas sleigh also will use gold coins for some offers. Developers promised to fix description for event, but not sure if they was able to do it for this event.