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We are still working on the known issue that CRS2 currently encountering please be patient.
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Every fight based part and hot event button bugged at 0:0 of 12/25

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    HOT EVENTS IS BROKEN. A missing icon? Seriously? No rewards for recharging or spending. Also, he reported that we can't access the Extra Value "Gifts"...which means things we can't BUY...that's not a missing icon, either.


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      and there are login issues with the servers mentioned in this thread, so take the S1 issues back to kingjacks thread, they are a seperate issue and can be handled by the R2s......
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        ENOUGH. Server down is always more of an issue that other things but all the issues were reported. The things fixed first will be server down and so on. If people do not get their heads down out of the air and realize that every player matters there will be bans. This thread is locked.
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