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Sapling Decorations code dont work

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  • Sapling Decorations code dont work

    So i go to decorate the tree got 200 points. Get some code from the sock dont know where to use it. Go to get code for this game got 1 and it dont work. Why is this give me real code that work please and what i do with that socks code?

    Account Fetshua S37 merged server S14
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    Game Account: Fetshua
    Starting Server: s37 Kravenville
    Merged Server: s14

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    I got my code today,,u need to know wat time are you at...i mean the GMT or EST or oceanic..I just ask Vet wat was our sever..know wat yours before u choose a code...sock code is for other games of R2,,if im not mistaken
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      You need to look for which timezone you got your code and it has to be timezone for your server.