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Paypal payments - not working

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  • Paypal payments - not working

    Yet again Paypal purchase no gold was credited. That was made like 12h ago, and ofc also no answer to tickets.

    Any idea when will be credited or I'll have to go to Paypal Resolution Center to get the ** money back ?

    Edit: Just tried another and was credited. But the old one still not.
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    PayPal is a safe way to charge credits. To have a confirmed account with them grants very quick transactions. There is no guarantee how quick the items will be processed but that is for all transactions not just r2 game sites.
    If you feel the need to report this to PayPal make sure you also report problems to r2 games not just the forum. That is how you can answer PayPals question about did you try to resolve this.
    Good luck.


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      Payment issues are solved through our support.