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hmm closing threads due to removing a good event?

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  • hmm closing threads due to removing a good event?

    well finally ppl had a event for not just cashers but for all players of all levels. mods removed it? seriously u need to replace that event as is including the time thats lost since the start cause of a unscheduled unnecessary rollback. there's no way to remove the nasty foul taste outta of players mouths when we logged in after maintenance to see nothing has been done for past 24 hrs. ppl have screenshots of the event and anikaris confirmed its a not a error so why did maintenance occur? the event worked as it was programmed to do. so why removed the more u spend the more u get. that what that means in any language i studied. sad u scam the players in such a way most are quitting unless u guys put this right as is including the time we have now lost over 24hrs of this event. we see u didn't remove the cashing event "anninversary" it remains there untouched. and some of us lost items and coin and rgc from this rollback that had nothing to do with anything plz if u want players playing and paying or simply for those who just play make the event as it stood or we will show our proof and find out how to get some results like our money back. no ticket should be necessary from any player for something u (devs) have done. u make us try to come up with making tickets which is too much for something no players has done wrong. vicious business practice is what u doing. just give the event including the lost day and a quarter and most ppl will just enjoy. anything less outside of 500k gold not returned gold per player on all servers those 2 option s may alleviate this rollback. pls do this within suitable time. no need to remove or close this thread. allow players to vent til problem is fixed

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    Trust me those stupid retards will closed this thread again


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      *waits for it*


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        with remarks like that, I am not interested in dealing with the attitude of players or the need to create multiple threads threatening people
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