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  • Legendary Challenge

    Hi. I just got to lvl 45 and get "legendar Challenge", but i open it and i have no opponents. Is this bugged? For some other players its working.

    I have refreshed and still nothing.

    Thank you

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      LC seems to be buggy today. Some opponents i get the 'obtaining data' freeze. Others it seems to skip over without indicating i fought them but i think i got the honor and when i reload it looks ok


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        I'm having both of the above problems, plus this one where it thinks I have skipped someone:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	LC bugs.jpg
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ID:	1712573

        I've had to reload several times just to unfreeze myself.

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          Good afternoon,
          I faced the same issue just some minutes ago.I opened LC, did 3 fights then got the previous posted message. Couldn't go further so after 5 minutes waiting to get the message swapped from the screen I got out, entered again and went on for another 4 fights when the message reappeared. Procceeded with the same steps and after some 23 minutes I got LC DONE!!!
          In mp happened the same. Started first fight for first run, couldn't get beyond the fight, refreshed, got the same frozen screen, refreshed again then I found myself out and with one att lost.
          I will proly have to repeat the steps for the sake of posting the SS here.
          Same bug appeared in happy fight. I've lost one att as the message I got after the third fight was "no opponent" to face. Going out from hf party instance then re-entering it I noticed one att was lost and I remained with one unused spin.
          I can post SS for the LC instance and I will try (even if I will lose an att again!) to take SS for mp instance.
          Click image for larger version

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Name:	bug2.png
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            The same thing is happening to me. Others are getting through with no problem, but I am frozen on the third level, third opponent.


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              Issue has been reported.