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return gold coins increase a bit and decrease

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  • return gold coins increase a bit and decrease

    I play on soulless ravine and cobalt sea, The player Hkskwa rgc increased from 66 to 115 rgc and player Hollyk on cobalt decreased by 868 rgc. I know nothing happened to increase hkskwa's rgc and I didn't spend the other players. what can I do about this. Not that I care about an increase but the decrease is not making me real happy. I have been on a don't spend them kick and even put my gold coin packs from guild dungeon in guild storage. Trying to save them for a spending event.

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    Increase of gold coins can happen from daily VIP packs or accidentaly using of guild gold coins packs.
    Decrease can happen due to using blitz end on non-VIP, accidentally clicking into spirit offering, alchemy or dragon soul offering.


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      OH MY GOD THAT EXPLAINS MY GOLD JUST GOING BYE BYE. Really you must think I am a real idiot


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        no one thinks that you are an idiot the reason alk responded that way is because most of the time when players make this complaint when r2 check the backend they can see where the player used the gold and they remember once they are reminded of it.
        Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.