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The weekly totem EVG

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  • The weekly totem EVG

    Looking Through EVG and noticed there was no regular totem sale, and then i went on to the 'Awesome Enchanted Ring Deal'....
    Rather than saying what it would normally say for totems it says:
    The first one also says it's a ring: but shows as the regular totem
    The other two say they are totems and show totems
    So i bought the '1 totem/Power ring' for 14 gold - says i got the ring but gives the totem
    -Purchase was just to show since i got the rings-
    DP- Level : 100/100
    Guild : WanteD/DarkLegion
    Server: 148/175

    Loa2 : Level 85
    Guild : Abyss
    Battle Rating: 40.1Mil

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    Looks like wrong description template, it will be reported.