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  • Second Puzzle Part

    Hello everyone,
    after 00:00 i tried the new puzzle event. I got enough shards for the first puzzle so i did the second.
    But then it said that i dont have enough items but i got enough items.
    Is this a bug or does it say it wrong like the white crystals?
    Ty you for responding!

    Click image for larger version

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    - Leafa S175 The Ninth Heaven

    EDIT: You need 6 shards!
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    you need more santa shards to complete the next stage of the puzzle
    will report description issue now
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      I cant even complete the first part of the puzzle! "not enough shards" and I have like about 100 shards and 6 santa shards. and i should just need 2 maximum and it gives me the same error that not enough. how much more money should I spend ? like 100000 gold coins? =_= this is totally buggy and annoying
      here: Click image for larger version

Name:	bug1.png
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      Edit: and YES Its the same day that i spent about 500+ coins just for this buggy thing.
      and YES I tried to refresh multiple times and whatnot. still doesnt work with first puzzle part
      DP server 1 (on armorgames)

      and bug2
      dont see requirements claim button is lighted up but cant claim : s1 Dragon Valley us East

      Click image for larger version

Name:	bug2.png
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ID:	1722561
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        R258929301 in both your cases there is a requierement of santa shards. And you dont have needed amount.


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          actually, youre wrong.
          in the second case its not the santa shard amount but the amount of cheering. i solved that myself thanks.

          but what it shows me is that everything is just showed on "you didnt cash enough" .. so I guess people are just moneybags and numbers