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spending dont work!

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  • spending dont work!

    sorry..can i ask for help why cant spend...i mean my spending dont counted in it pays to consume....i hope this will be fixed soon thank you! Merry Christmas <3

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    Without description how and on what you are spending, screenshots, character name and server number there is not much we can do to help with your issue.


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      sorry ...forgot its my both char. the it pays to consume wont count any spending i do. i buy bells but still 0 counting...i hope u can help me this time

      name: EmeraldElf
      server: ashwood forest

      name: MiD_NighT
      server: glenfair forest


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        If you buy bells from evg it doesnt count in pay to consume. If you buy bells from shop returned gold in pay to consume is counted only from characters with high vip level(more than VIP2).


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          i am vip 5 both char. i buy in shop


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            spending will end reply pls


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              Originally posted by R2138593949 View Post
              i am vip 5 both char. i buy in shop
              Have you recharged into that account? Maybe VIP requierement was changed.
              You can try contact support by ticket.


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                dont know how...can u tell them for me alkaris.. also i file ticket on method i use to recharge before and even now no reply...then they will change now the requirements....unfair