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    Sorry but I have to ask.
    Why it is bother player of S4, who had normal running CSC?

    What can or it'll be considered "solid proof" Alkaris?
    Screenshots of grid or pairing. And i told that you can ask support about compensation. It is up to them to decide to send it or not.


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      It is not "bother" of a S4 player Alkaris, thank you very much, and please do not make suppositions w/o "solid proof". I have asked about compensation because I have a char on one server that had the problem with CSC, char that belongs to a team that usually wins CSC, sometimes on first, sometimes on second place Godly Challenge. But thanks for so fast of an answer though not really helpful.
      The proof of the pairing and of team's position in CSC is impossible for normal players to be taken now. But I'll contact the support team anyway. Have a good day and enjoy your work here.
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