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    By grid i mean challenge stage, which looks similar to tournament grid.


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      since IM had reset, I couldn't upload that... however... This problem has reoccurred a second time.

      So I can post it for this current round, however she only made the top 8 for 50-59.
      It has occurred in exactly the same manner, meaning that she is in both 50-59 and the 60-69 tiers, and with the same amount of victory points in Both tiers again. Which increases my belief in what I believe happened.

      but at the same time I'm curious about a few things myself, but due to not having an active character on armor games, I cannot see CSC atm. When I can, I would like to see that to answer a few of my own questions about why this is happening.

      1. If alicorn is in two tiers, what about the rest of her team if she has one?
      2. Is there a lvl 60-69 champion? (maybe she's being entered into two tiers due to her being alone in team, and there being no 60-69 champ?)
      3.If there is a lvl 60-69 champion, is Alicorn's team (if solo team, otherwise Alicorn wouldn't be the only one) being entered into two tiers there?

      this is more b/c I myself am quite curious as to the why this is happening.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	alicornHerosBracket2.jpg
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      My dragon is named Shimmy

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      Lvl 59 | 3.72 mil BR | 700k Dragon | L.120, 22 Star Illustria, 738k BR

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