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Dungeon Lobby Bug (HOPE SO)

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  • Dungeon Lobby Bug (HOPE SO)

    Today when I looked at the Dungeon Lobby to find a Party, there was one party of 2 with a spot for a third but when I clicked to join, It teleported me to a party that already started and were at the final boss. So I lost my attempt and just won the final price, how is this possible? Before when you started a dungeon with a party of 2 or 3, the option to join it automatically disappeared, what happened this time? I wouldn't join if I knew they were this far in the dungeon run and I never accept invitations because of that too. So what?

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    Not sure why, it must be because the people who developed the game thought of it as tough but .. Nightmare mode dungeons tend to always be in the lobby, even if the party already went in.

    Normal mode dungeons usually disappear from lobby after the party goes in, but nightmare mode stays in the lobby.