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I got robbed of 160 gold... HELP please..

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  • I got robbed of 160 gold... HELP please..

    Hi. i dont get to recharge often, and i had 172 gold, was about to buy a lucky coin from shop, and the game gave me Soul Mate (wedding ring) instead, along with the 160 gold cost. i emailed r2 support, but i doubt anything can be done to help me. all i want is my gold returned and the ring removed from my inventory bag (im already married, i dont need another ring). i'm VIP4 by the way. i appreciate any comments and/or ideas that may help me! Thank you!


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    Need name and server but since you have to verify purchases.. I don't see a refund coming. You need to be more careful with your clicking.
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      my name is sykoflip on server s64. and i cant help it that when i highlight an item with cursor it shows me something else from time to time. i would be happy with 16 gold back and lucky coins x6 for the 160 gold. if i cant get the ring removed from my inventory with the gold back. i also wouldnt care if it was returned gold. jus really need help cuz i clicked on a lucky coin picture in shop. thank you for any help.


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        Leviathans S40 Golden Pyre

        I used the magic lamp today and claimed upgrade ring to level 3, I received my 300 return gold coins, it gave them to me then 5 minutes later removed them and i didn't purchase anything. screen shot of my claim and my gold area is in screenshot too.
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          ha I had a couple thousand Real gold go poof a couple months ago. I went to sleep at night and woke up almost broke. I knew even if I complained It would do nothing so I didn't bother.