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Blitz taking up gold

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    listen, my friend

    you say i'm not on trial, but you can't produce this screenshot either when under vip4

    it's my bad that i didn't take a screenshot that i was trialing vip4. but it should also be quite obvious that without vip 4 then i couldn't have produced that message in chat. it should also be logical that the new server was having a promotion or trial of some sorts for vip4, which you should know of (i'm not sure how i got vip 4)

    i also had enough vouchers to blitz to my heart's content so any rational thinker would have used vouchers instead of gold (or maybe i'm a noob and i'm mistaken). you can also see that the next event was pennies from heaven, so i could have gotten more vouchers from arena lucky list if i really had to use 600 for DI

    what's done is done anyway, i understand that it might be hard to get compensation for such a small sum (like 600-700 gold coins) and it's been a while, but i still want to prove that this was indeed a bug and i wasn't at fault
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      It was not a bug and I'm sorry but as I stated you have provided the proof yourself. Now you chose to use gold instead of vouchers on the blitzing whether that was because you were "noob" as you say or not. It doesn't change the fact that R2games is not in the habit of fixing user error. This is not a bug. I am closing this thread before any more nasty comments from any interested party result in forum bans. We have rules on this forum, I suggest people read and heed them.
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