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  • Server overflow

    I am so sick of losing Dragon coins!!! Everyday I am in Cage I get kicked out and can not get back in for 20 minutes!!! I can not even put in a ticket instead it takes me too here I believe I deserve dragon coins back for what I am losing everyday!!! My husband is also kicked everyday!!! Your servers can not handle the cross server **** maybe it should not exist!!!!

    Lightwing server S19

    PS would love the compensation for losing out

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    filing a ticket will only get you sent here anyway......

    the data overflow error is something that has been looked into extensively and the idea that it can not handle the cross server is incorrect, that theory has been tested to death..... but it is mostly the same players consistently that are affected by the data overflow issue, thats not consistent with a server issue as random players would be affected on a daily basis and a consistent factor in a lot of the data overflow detailed reports, has been the use of a network with shared accounts / more than one account on the same network playing, lag and other issues that are not happening at the server end...... that thread is used for data overflow reports ..... tho there is not really that many detailed reports in the thread.....
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      thanks for quick reply