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    the event was to last till TODAY i saved up points and could have had 2 moe morphs but thanks to it ending EARLY i am out on those morphs and also the chests. How can you have an event posted one way and it is taken away when they feel like it without letting us know. I know alot of people who saved up for today to finnish trading in items because they needed 1 to get something they needed and yet it was closed on us. There was a time when it was closed how can you place a time on an event and then take it away. ALOT of people do NOT look in forums they play IN GAME with the time it is listed. A compensation pack will not let me get what i was going to get there is no compensation pack that will make it up for ending the event early. If you place a Time on an event you need to STICK to it or your basically saying that you do NOT care about the players and do what you want as long as you get your money for the game. Which has been what has happened in the past. you need to stick to what the time says.


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      I choose to repost this because my thread was closed(of course)I have some problems regarding how they managed this situation.

      1.On my server (Throgsvic) the event should have ended today at 23.59 not yesterday.i have like 30 flags that i wanted to exchange today beeing the last announced event day.I have seen that other servers have this problem aswell.

      2.To take the event out one day before the announced period is one of the most amateur things i have ever seen. i didn't expect this from a company that lives from theyr customers willing to spend money on non existent virtual stuff.This thing enrages me and others as customers and takes us to the point in wich we are reluctant to spend money on your product ever again !Don't tell us to chill and shut up about it . It is our right to complain if we payed for a service that wasn't delivered.It is your fault and assume that mistake.You are living from my(and others) money, not me from yours. so don't treat me like i(the customer) don't exist.Closing the threads was just another amateur thing to do and shows how much you respect your customers.

      3.The extra value gift does even contain soccer festival stuff that you can't use anymore.THIS IS A PAY TO WIN GAME - you pay hard earned money for some pixels in a virtual game that you can't even use anymore.Should i say that there is a problem aswell with the items that i bought from the store.I have like 60 balls,20 tickets and 15 golden shoes that are now useless.I bought them with gold coins pay attention GOLD COINS not returned gold coins i mean i bought them with real money and they are now useless.CAN YOU SPELL FRAUD ???

      4.As usuall the r2 corporate business model is to be silent and let theyr clients boil and rage closing theyr topics that refer this problem.

      I really hope you fix this as soon as possible or else you are going to lose me as a customer permanently.

      PS:I just reposted and slightly updated this from earlyer today.


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        Thanks for your work mods. I'm just hoping to be able to turn in my flags. I know it's not within your control, but hope you can understand the frustration of believing there's another day and having it not happen.


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          The most insulting thing, I think it's the fact that balls and tickets are still for "SALE" and in the online rewards. That just shows that someone somewhere really didn't care, nor test before doing maintenance yesterday night.. I strongly hope this is just a mistake, because this don't look good when you remove suddenly an event, but still want to SELL its required objects for that same event. What if I didn't notice the soccer gone, and today, like I wanted to do for last day, was to get the soccer packages in the value packs? ..... I would then be really really angry at you R2... That is really dissapointing I think.


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            And Look at the Online bonus today. its soccer balls and independance chests and power shoes. that will end at 23:59 7/7/14 so WHY would you have those and yet soccer event is dissapeared. It means soccer was taken away a day early
            Click image for larger version

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              Let me start by saying that I did quite well with this event. All players benefitted a lot. I got more than 250 chests a day doing WT twice and HT once, plus all other daily events. I think that it was a lovely event and we all appreciated it.

              I especially want to thank the Moderators of this forum. I wouldn't want your job, especially after a snafu like this one.

              I waited a bit of time before commenting on this, just to see how it played out. I have to say that its not looking good for us players.

              Like a lot of others I planned to cash in my flags and so on today where I could best decide what to trade for to get the most out of the rewards. I had already traded in a couple of times but really I was saving the bulk of it for today. I have 58 flags saved up. It would have netted me a BR jump of over 5K. From what I'm seeing, that's gone for good. Don't hold your breath on it returning any time soon.

              What is going to happen is that we get a new event and by the time its done everyone's tired of asking for them to bring back the old one. So we get nothing for it and we move on, hoping that it doesn't happen again. I pray it does not but I did learn something today - never leave cashing in for the last minute.

              I'm a moderate casher, spending about $100 a month on this game and there are many who spend far more than I do. We pay for the game because we have certain expectations of rewards for spending and we plan our spending to maximize our gains. So when an event like this comes along we do our best to get the most out of it. I don't mind telling you, this has certainly changed how I feel about the game.

              A little of the fun has gone out of it for me because I am disappointed that I never got my 20th Dickson Shard which I could have traded for today if they had just let it run for the promised time, or the half dozen other items that I wanted to trade for.

              Is it too much to ask for a compensation pack? Why start a new event when virtually everyone is unhappy with the way this one was cut short? I don't see a problem with delaying the new event by a day and reinstating the old one to ensure that your customers are all satisfied and happy. I know that this is "pixels & polygons" but we spend real time and money here. Your customer satisfaction should be paramount.

              Don't get me wrong - I love this game and I plan to continue playing Dragon Plans for a long time to come, but I will be playing a bit differently from now on. Because this isn't the first time that something has happened that has caused an uproar like this. I just hope that it doesn't happen again, and again, and again.

              Thank you for your time.

              Player: Aabb
              Server: 55 City of Crowns


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                I have to wonder if they're even reading this any more. I wasn't going to say anything else but then I saw how moderators were trying to explain the time away on the event. Well, I'm on a west coast server and maintenance cut an hour off of the 6th for me so I didn't even have that b it of time. Regardless of this, we ALL know what the timing said and you wouldn't still be selling the stuff and giving it out as online bonuses if it wasn't due to someone just messing it up. I would appreciate you addressing us as adults and admitting that you messed up. I would also appreciate you fixing the situation. Do you see how many people were waiting till today to turn stuff in? I hope you just don't try to let this go. We don't mess with your money when we buy stuff. You get what you asked for right away. You shouldn't expect to be able to play with our money and us just be happy and quiet about it.


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                  Originally posted by Slylouis View Post

                  Is it too much to ask for a compensation pack? Why start a new event when virtually everyone is unhappy with the way this one was cut short? I don't see a problem with delaying the new event by a day and reinstating the old one to ensure that your customers are all satisfied and happy. I know that this is "pixels & polygons" but we spend real time and money here. Your customer satisfaction should be paramount.
                  I don't think people can be compensated equally by the same compensation pack. Players invested different ammounts of money in the game so one universal comp pack is not the solution.In my opinion the only viable solution to this problem is extending the event with one day.Give us another 24 hours in wich we can spend our balls/tickets/shoes and trade in the flags.

                  Mistakes happen,this is not the problem, the problem comes from the way in wich they managed the situation.This is the way i see it:
                  1)the event could have been canceled by mistake/bug or something
                  2)the event was canceled with certain motives by the devs suddenly and without announcing

                  Either way the players diserve an answer to this.A large announcement should have been created on the home page,an official forum thread should have been opened to enable players to talk about the situation, not the way they did it,suddenly closing every thread, answering none of the questions of the paying customers and shoving down our throats another event that i've heard favors the cashers alot more.And the thing that moderators/admins don't know a thing about it and always "wait" for an answer from the devs is just silly.What is R2?a group of amateurs wich have theyr communications channels turned off in problematic situations that threaten theyr revenues?Common...
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                    Best compensation would be bringing back the event for one day.


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                      Originally posted by Trawaa View Post
                      Best compensation would be bringing back the event for one day.
                      If for some miracle that did happen, kind of sucks for those who can't be on for that one day. Obviously if we had been planning on saving our flags for the last day (7/7), we knew we could be on that day. Can't win.


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                        there wont be anything happen they got what they wanted from us and all they will do is some stupid compensation and ignore our complaints. I needed the soccer cause I was going to have 2 new morphs and some sun stones and dragon essences now i am stuck with shards i cant do anything with them. Its just wrong they will never admit they messed up they never do.


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                          very nice.. i also got online bonuses of soccer balls... um. any chance i can shoot them at r2,s hiney.. and yes.. i am one of the buying peeps. make it right.. instead of trying to ** us.


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                            for those who got gyped.. start sending in tickets.. they love those.. after all the time was taken down early.. those items should be given.. might as well make r2 work for it..


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                              Here's an idea R2 add an actual in game countdown timer to events.
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                                Originally posted by R231626690 View Post
                                Here's an idea R2 add an actual in game countdown timer to events.
                                Awesome idea! I hope mods see/read this. (I think you should post this on Favorable Feedback though)