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  • Extra Value Gift spending

    I'm wondering, is there any reason why, today, when I spend gold coins in the Extra Value Gift section on Nymph Holy Stones, it doesn't count towards my It Pays to Consume hot event. I AM spending gold coins when purchasing from the Extra Value Gifts. What gives? I purchased two of the Glorious Nymph Packs worth 1338 (VIP 1110) and neither of them counted towards it.

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    EVG does not count on this spending event


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      Do Extra Value Gift spending in the Spender's Bonus weeks (alternate with P.T.C.) when it DOES count (in fact it's the ONLY thing that counts) and make your bulk ordinary stuff purchases in PTC weeks (like Brave Cards, my usual go-to pickup)
      And of course in the daily spending series through the weekends after the Pays To Consume event, ANY real gold spending counts (EVG or not).
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