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    ok, wartune and this are basically pretty similar in playstyle and stuff, what i was wondering, for those who played wartune, when you go VIP, the MP dungeons dont have a limit as to how many times you can go in and not get loot, but on here, its not like that, has this been addressed? cause what makes it worse is the treasure boxes are empty 90% of the time so makes it even harder getting gear, im lvl 34 atm and still rocking my full lvl 20 gear cause i aint had any of the 30 drop

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    Hi, first you are limited to 3 attempts per day when you actually gain loot and experience on the MP dungeons. If you are gaining items after you have 0 attempts please report that as a bug.

    Second, the chests are something that, while frustrating, are just based on luck. Just like in Wartune some of the mini bosses do not always drop treasure chests. When the chest pops up but is empty then someone in the party got it even if you didn't.

    As for your gear. Blacksmith will let you evolve your gear from 20 to 30 and you can convert to up the grade of it from normal to excellent to outstanding to perfect.
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      LV40 MP is way more frustating with even more empty boxes.

      I feel like this game is just being stingy on higher level players. Or should I say, forcing us to buy coins to grow.


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        I think the Tomb of the Dragon King is bugged. I'm level 36 with a br of just over 8000 and even with a group of 3, can't even bring one of the first set of monsters down 1/4 of their hp. If I can go one on one with a lvl 45 boss in the demon tower, these mobs shouldn't be a challenge.


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          ok first of all, your party setup needs looking at, what class and BR are they ? second, are their skills set up for group or single monster combat. and third, the demon tower is setup up for group and sol monster against single player.... you are competing in a group versus group and solo monster combat so you need to be ready to play two different styles of combat

          your BR is low for 36 you should have around double that so you need to create your armour and weapons, upgrade and evolve where possible...check your dragon orbs, make sure they are the correct orbs and look at your skills, are you trying to use single opponent skills on a group.....

          I can not remember what the skills are for level 35 players so I am going to be very generalised....

          group opponents
          if you have a mage, think AOE ( area effect skills ) and healing, be in the back of the party
          if you have a warrior, think as a tank, you need to absorb a lot of damage as you may not be putting out as much damage as you want...
          if you have a archer, think AOE skills and damage boost like inferno or burn

          single boss
          mage needs to heal archer
          warrior needs to use shield ( if possible ) and hit
          archer needs to inflict damage...
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            wait wait wait. So he is suppose to have 16,000 BR at 35? The only LEGIT way to do that is to buy gold and not just the .99 cents recharge for the wings, You are gonna need gems, +9-12 armor sets AND decent morphs and the highest dragons you can have ( at your level as well)

            I have +9 equips and lvl 2 gems and such and I am BARELY scratching 9k.

            lmao...this game can't be taken too seriously if you are a free to play player. I would have rather you just told him he needs better gear. The skill set up advice was nice though.


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              you have +9 and level 2 gems and you are barely stretching 9 k ?

              ok demon tower is a good source of gems,... be careful with upgrading and evolving your armour as you may be spending crystals that are really being wasted.... orbs are helpful,. so grow amethyst, not exp seeds.... ask yourself, do you have to do every event or are them some that are not giving you the gains you want and need..... and the $0.99 recharge for the wings is a good deal... vip doesn't have to be expensive and all players need to do is get a 1-2 month subscription of vip if possible then cancel it... cos the 25 Gold coins, if saved, will pay for your ongoing vip when you are vip 4....
              Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

              R2 Serrin, My partner and fiancee, RIP 1971-2015
              Cha bhi fios aire math an tobair gus an trÃ*igh e.