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  • socket points

    how socket points are acumulate?? i am asking becayse latele any socket i do is going up only 1 point i synthesize 4 level 3 gems to take 1 level 4 that give me only 1 point is somthing rong here??

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    level 3 it gives 3 points and gem level 4 that is 4 gems level 3 toghether gives 4 points ??

    p.s: sory for bad englise
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    each socket point is determined by the level of gem in it, so if you replace a lvl 3 gem with a level 4 you are gaining 1 socket point as thats the difference, replacing a level 3 gem with a 4 DOESNT mean you get 3+4, it means you get +1 as thats the difference


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      i see this is going to get along time to gather 150 points lol ty


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        Originally posted by ironmaiden83 View Post
        i see this is going to get along time to gather 150 points lol ty
        i managed 90 jsut as i turned lvl 40, its a bit*h unless you willing to pay for gold to buy gems on market


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          problem solved close tread please


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