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Recharging through mol points.

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  • Recharging through mol points.

    If you could respond I just want to ask if I can use other email accounts in recharging through mol points because when I tried to reload on my sixth attempt i guess, it says "you have exceeded the recharge in this week, try again next week to reload". So if you do can I use other email to reload again and direct it to DP acct?

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    You would have to contact MOLpoints Customer Service about that, JohnPaul1295.
    File a ticket
    for payment issues
    For issues with DragonPals send email to:

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      Ok sir CafeAuLait. (by the way I humbly apologize for posting many threads regarding the release of a new server, maybe I was just stressed that week >_< I feel sorry for that.) lols