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Questions about Dragon orb hot event

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  • Questions about Dragon orb hot event

    I want to complete the "own 6 orange orbs" and "own 2 lv4 orange orbs" but i need to have the 6 orange orbs in the orb bag? or its enough to collect them and doesnt matter if i fuse them with other? and same with the 2 lv4 orange orbs, i can have lvl 4 orb and then fuse it with other orange to have second lv4 orb? or i need to have both lv4 in the bag?
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    i am not sure if i ynderstand the gyestion byt why you dont trie to own first the 6 gold orbs colect from hot icon then fuse them us you like to make 2 level 4 orbs

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      You need to have either on your dragons or in your orb field six gold orbs to claim the hot event for owning 6 orange orbs.
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