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Limited packs question

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  • Limited packs question

    I bought the first 2 lv30 packs (295 and 995) and i want to buy the lv40 ones but dont want to buy the rest of lv30 packs. At lv40 the new packs will be unlocked although only purchased 2 level 30?? or i have to buy all the lv30 packs obligatorily to unlock the lv40?

    I have checked the post about this event but i dont understand very well this part XD

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    Tino, pretty much I hadn't bought the level 40 packs, when I hit level 50 a third pack appeared beside those two. You'll see when you get to 40.
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      You do not have to buy all the level 30 gift packs before you can buy the level 40 or the level 50 gift packs.


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        ok, Thank you guys ^^