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Exercise card

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  • Exercise card

    Did it take effect on offline exercise? and wht is the % of all deluxe, advance and others

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    It gives you the same bonus as if you were in an exercise room. Deluxe will give you 20% bonus exercise exp (same thing as if you were in the top room) Keep in mind it does NOT stack with the room (you cannot get +20% for the card AND +20% for the room)

    They are useful if you get kicked out of a room once in a while, with that card, you have a peace of mind for 12 hours.

    If no one evers kicks you out of the +20% exercise room, those cards are completely worthless.

    Hope it helped!

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      Just to add to what BigBlete said. The offline exercise card gives you the same 30% boost that you would have if you had been online and exercising.
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