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    um, can u let us know when u will look at us, conserdering we happen to think our guild being frozen with over 70 members should be taken care of kinda fast, we all had to put in contribution to unfreeze it, what if we didnt have the resources to do so, now i can see that u guys are busy, but should always have time to fix a simple problem like unfreezing a guild, why we want to get married if we cant do anything in guild, most the server is in our guild, so u are really ignoring the server, not just out guild, some people in the guild have spent some cash, and thats they way u treat them, sorry guys we want u to spend more cash, but we dont care that ur guild is frozen


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      Lucy, I ask you to stop right there. The staff are investigating. Your guilds issue was unique and they are trying to isolate the problem, it is not a simple fix as you deem it. It is being looked into and they are addressing it. You need to be patient. It was reported properly.

      EDIT: I just checked on progress and was told that it was discussed and they will be correcting it. Please allow them up to 48hrs for any action.

      But they ask in the future you be more careful and not miss any guild fees so this doesn't happen again.
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