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The Happy Fight Event?

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  • The Happy Fight Event?

    So I'm level 59 (the highest level on my server atm) and I'm debating if I should go to level 60 or stay at level 59 for the easy cage match kills. I was looking for info on the "happy fight" event that unlocks at level 60 and I can't find any info on it. Can someone clarify what it is, and if it's worth loosing out on my cage match coins (keep in mind my server won't cross-server with any others atm so I would be solo in the level 60 cage matches)
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    unfortunately as its something from another version of the game, the only way that players can talk about how it works, is via PM

    opening the thread back up as happy fight is going up for live testing on S1
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      ok now that this is back open lets see some info! lol. I was wondering if there is a way to raise the target BR without spending gold?


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        What my group does since we all have free spins is set a goal we know we can beat that gives great rewards and just take turns if the first 2 players don't get high enough targets than it take what we get when were on our last few spins.


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          ok. So you cycle through the first to players spins. that makes sense. ty that helps. i couldnt really find ANYTHING on this. and the part where it says
          "Increase Challenge Difficulty by" on the bottom left only says that on my screen XD