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Kicked from Guild. Server 13

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    Originally posted by ro3anne View Post
    I find the poetry touch a bit unnecessary for a spam-post.

    But if I am reading this right,

    you outranked a fellow guild member for vouchers? Pretty low of you.
    I have had that happen to me and I can tell you I did not like it one bit. It happened when I was offline and could not fight for the rank.
    If it were up to me I'd kick the guy that outranked me out of the guild as well.
    Don't be such a sensitive feck. You ain't the only one that needs it, if they know they have a chance why not just try to take it? Whether youre online or offline is irelevant. It just means that they know when to attack.


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      Sorry... closing this. We do not interfere in guild politics. You can join another guild and go after them hardcore. Good luck.
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