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    i dont know if its just me but there seems to be a large amount of time between the end of the devils cage match and the start of demon invasion.
    why do they not change some of the events that happen earlier in the day to between these two. aka devils den/ trivia/ pennies. because as i have noticed so far these are all events which happen in a very close time frame and all the players on this game including myself miss them. this is either due to work or other reasons.
    in the hour and ten minutes between cage and demon invasion you could fit atleast 2 of these events with sufficient time between which would help players who constantly miss early events a great deal and decrease the boredom caused by this big gap.

    just a few thoughts of mine and i hope they will be taken into consideration.

    username : pyromaniac
    server : 82 pearl ruins (europe)
    uk based player
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    before winter time was DI set on 21:00 hour (in game time) and with the, dutch, time set 1 hour backwards was set the DI a few weeks later set on 22:00 (in game time) hour


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      Sunday is the worst .. no HL or GB , so you gotta wait 2 hours for DCM and then another hour and a half for DI.
      Was fun while it lasted. On to bigger and better things.


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        ^Or actually you could enjoy life during that time.