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wishing well shards?

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  • wishing well shards?

    Ok so bonbon, trickster, snake in a hat, and sidewinder....really this is outrageous pricing.

    ok so 24 gold coins (VIP 1) gets you 1 lucky coin which gives you 2 wishing well points.

    Prices for the shards in the wishing well exchange
    Bonbon 500
    Trickster 500
    Snake in a Hat 500
    Sidewinder 750

    So Converting this to gold coin cost (granted you get lots of other junk from the wishing well as well during the process)
    Bonbon 120,000 ($1,200)
    Trickster 120,000 ($1,200)
    Snake in a Hat 120,000 ($1,200)
    Sidewinder 180,000 ($1,800)

    Seems a bit much at least to me lol oh well At least if someone wants to know how much it will cost them now they know.
    S56 - Remcon

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    Though I agree that 500 exchange points is a bit much, they do come from the 1st wishing well as well.
    You just need luck..
    Was fun while it lasted. On to bigger and better things.


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      yea, which i don't seem to ever have Shame really lol. Luckily I do at least get to see some get lucky from time to time and get something decent out the well.
      S56 - Remcon