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  • Total benefits for character

    Is there a great and glorious way to see all the bonus a character has ( Bonus being things like dmg reduction and orbs like mountain and vampire skills stacking up? ) I have 2 mountain orbs at 8% dmg blocking do they add up? Is it better to have crit defense on orbs and then gems be all Pdef and Mdef? these and many more questions have been brought to you by Lute of the guild Revised on server 13... dun dun DUN!! Stormcrest I checked all that out by myself oh and I need more guild members so send them my way. Thank you very much! Also we want an AFK function for holy land I will keep doing my best spending on and on as a dragon pals player not troubling a single bird in the sky with my bow and arrow. Thank Thank you!

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    Sorry there is currently no total stats like that, but yes orbs like mountain stack, and as far as gems go its best to do atk hp and crit