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    how strong do you have to be to pass lv 100 in demon tower(in battle rating)

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    On average between 55-65k BR with the level 55 rebirth dragons unsealed from the egg. It is easier for mages to beat it at lower BR though


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      Well i was at around 58k br the first time (guess i got lucky) didnt do it again till around 60k.
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        i was at lvl 53 when i cleared it .... around 60k br


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          you gotta see a few factors:

          1) Number of Orbs you can carry (8 or 10 orbs)

          2) Your Medal Bonus

          3) Your equipment Bonus / Gems etc.

          A average about 70K BR with high orbs level (given the correct orbs set) plus max medal you can get for level 49; you should be able to clear that lv100.

          L50~54 about 55K~60K and 45K~48K for level 55 above.

          My server first person clear it with ard 47~48K BR when he was level 55+ (in the past)
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