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Frost Dragon help..

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  • Frost Dragon help..

    Hi, I've been trying to get the frost dragon in a while now, but I fail everytime. I'm at the Frozen wastes 8 and I can't even get past the first challenge.. So could someone please tell me which would be the best hero to evolve (and maybe leveling up too) from my team for some sucess capturing the frost dragon? And also maybe give me some advice about which hero should be where in my team?

    My team is:
    Elite Fiery Demon - Level 60
    Diseased Warlord - Level 59
    Serpent King - Level 57
    Ancient Giant - Level 55
    Lord of the Flames - Level 53

    and sorry for my English if it's not that good, English is not my main language.. xD

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    I would change the team around, swapping Diseased Warlord for demon body guard.....

    then I would try a team of

    ancient giant...lord of the flame
    serpent king....elite fiery demon
    .................... demon body quard

    you want to get ancient giant and lord of the flames to 60
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      okey, thanks! (:


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        You might want to check out this guide for future reference


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          Thanks, it helped a lot! (: