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booted from sever during D.I.

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  • booted from sever during D.I.

    I know there is nothing that can be done but I was booted from the server at the start of D.I. right after I had used up the vouchers to set it to 100 % buff . Can you please look into why this keeps happening please ? This has happened to me on my server during multiple events . I am on server 105 . Please and thank you. I also apologize for the bad spelling on the thread title
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    Can you give more details how you are booted from server? What errors you receive?


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      my screen went white with a exclamation symbol on my screen no other words or symbols. If it had been my explorer it would have said that it had stopped running . as to how that's what I would like to know..... sorry if it confuses you as much as it does me but this happens to me a lot usually during T.H. or M.P.'s which can be reloaded without loosing anything that I am aware of but when it's during D.I. I loose a lot of vouchers . I do reiterate that I understand nothing can be done about those but I would like to know if this situation can be stopped from happening twice or more in a week.


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        Looks like your flash player is crashing a lot. There a few ways to try fix it:
        1) Try resetting your flash player cache
        2) Try reinstalling flash player
        3) Try changing browser
        4) Don't use too much tabs which use flash(such as other R2 games, youtube and similar online video players)
        Try from 1), if that doesn't help try next one.


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          thanks for the help I will see if it works .... I really hope it does vouchers are hard to come by lol


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            Originally posted by R237646638 View Post
            thanks for the help I will see if it works .... I really hope it does vouchers are hard to come by lol
            Well, if you server have CSC you can bet 200 vouchers to make it 400. Also try to get into active strong guild and participate in holyland activity, even if you can't kill monsters you can help to clear levels and receive vpuchers for that.


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              I do all of the above just hate to loose the vouchers when I shouldn't have to lol. but I also use them for refining my gear since I am a level sitter . in this game in seems to pay off quite a lot to do it that way