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    Is the intention of the desine of guild battle to heavily faver population vs. br? I can see argument either way.

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    well unfortunately it is depending on numbers...on our server 1 guild merged with 2 other guild and now we face with our 7-10 players, 28-35 players eventhough our br is better and our guildleader is over 100k br higher than everyone else.and its hard to recruit for a guild as no new people will join the server unless u get a server I think server merge would help u guys to get new people and maybe dissolve the "zergguild"


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      Not likely. The zerg guild will probably merge too and get even worse. But I hope your expierence is better than ours.


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        oh well we got the strongest player of the server as our guildleader andif we get just a few more we might be able to compete vs outnumbered again. 7 vs 30..not happening if the odds are something like 14 vs 7 its doable. we managed to win a 20 vs 10 before. but ty I hope we both will have better gbs in future.:-)