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Question about buying Krishna Nymph

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  • Question about buying Krishna Nymph

    HI guys I am lvl52 and I have the gold to buy the for sale krishna in shop. I am asking if it is better to invest now to buy krisha or wait for the time that I need it? I am asking it to you guys because I feel Im gonna spent my gold through my way to lvl 72 and I will not be able to purchase krishna anymore at that time. Thank you!

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    Wait for promotion in shop to buy Krishna.
    Now at shop is 40% off for Krisha. Thats a good ocasion to buy.

    Decision if u buy it now or wait for next bargain should depend on the style you play. If you plan to sit-lvl at 59 or 69 to gather coins in Cage or CSC then buying now would be a money-freezer, meaning u would spend money now and have profits in very distant future.

    If u plan to lvl up fast then buying now is a good choice.

    Personnlaly i was sit-lvling to gather coins and in the end i bought Krishna when i was 75 or something.


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      I bought mine from flashsale. having Krishna for 71k is amazing. im sure those events will come back for sure if u wanna wait though.if u are level sitting then take your time with it id say cause the sales will come back.


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        The 40% discount has been available several times before so it's likely that it will be available again in the future. Since you are level 52, I would save up and buy it at a later occasion. As the krishna from the shop is available for returned gold, I would advise getting the largest financial plan (3500-4000g depending on how much returned gold you've spent). After that you can get a krishna in the future when it goes on discount again.