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World cup wings?

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  • World cup wings?

    so i'm not sure if there is already something for this or not but i think it should be made to decompose world cup wing shards like with dragon shards sicne so many of us are getting so many extra shards. Also it would be nice to be able to use dragon soul stones to make cannibalistic flower shards(i have 18 i only need two more #12). Also it would be very nice to have a function to allow an officer to take GL position (even if it's for a few mil amethyst) if the GL and AGl have all been offline for way too long and the fee hasn't been paid...ticket says you can't do anything but it isn't very fair since i've been playing for a year now and after the merge everyone quit without notice and i have no way of taking care of the guild...D:

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    i agree to all ur points ^_^ except i still need one more wing shard >.>


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      Recycling wing shards can be added later, if developers decides to add that.
      As for guild issue there will be no changes until total guild overhaul.


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        For the guild problem, i would suggest the dev to make a feature that would automatically change the leader to an active player with highest BR, should the GL been inactive for 1 month straight. That can prevent the guild being deleted due to inactive leader. There's also some other guild issues, like the guild member offline time information that was cut due to a lack of space in guild information and such, but yeah, we need the dev to make an overall change of the guild feature.