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Soccer Fever

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  • Soccer Fever

    What about all the flags I still have that I never cashed in for goodies, because you ended the game early. I want to be able to redeem my flags. I have 30 flags, 23 back-up balls. 6 golden soccer shoes and 4 challenge tickets. DP needs to put the original game back up for at least 1 day so we can use our stuff up. We get screwed because DP screwed up the update. I'm sure i'm not the only one who has a lot of stuff saved up for the last day. Trying to get the best goodies the event had to offer. They're probably give us one of those lame useless gifts to compensate for it which it never does.

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    the event can not be restarted unforunately.... so I am trying to see what alternatives are available to players.....
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