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This topic about TR servers PROBLEMS!

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  • This topic about TR servers PROBLEMS!

    I am Deante from S1 Turkey servers, 35-40 days we are waiting a lot of bugs solved.

    Magic lamp doesnt work
    The first installation award doesnt work
    chaos war doesnt work
    divorce scroll have translation problem.
    all of game have language problem, therefore a lot of gold using for nothing.
    When peopels bough bowl they doesnt know how it works or how many gold they must used for be unlimited, so more gold for nothing.
    dont have any guide on forum
    moderators doesnt doesnt enough online in game, very rary i see.
    1.5 month over 30.000 TL (15.000$) you have gain on this 2 server but technic support 0? how it can be? it is legal?

    Every each day online users is decreasing, we VIP players saying this need events for unVIP players... S1 popilation = 30-40 S2: 40-50... only 2 weeks ago this numbers 2 times more! every each day they are going and no one doing anything.

    We are waiting for problems solved. Or good answers from big boss))) because 35 days we have only one answer "soon" its not cool.

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    Ejderha Ustası Sw1 ve Sw2 oyuncuları olarak en kısa zamanda sorunların giderilmesini temenni eder.Kolaylıklar dileriz iyi çalışmalar.