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Godly Mythic Orbs.

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    took me a while to find this thread again for the listing

    Guardian - Crit DEF
    Demon - MATK
    Titan - PDEF
    Immobile - % Ignore Damage (Like Mountain)
    Bloodlust - Chance to Absorb HP
    Goddess - HP
    Hazard - Damage Received Reduced Static Number
    Shield - Damage Received Reduced by %
    Fragment - PATK
    Olympian - MDEF
    Thor - Critical Hit
    Heaven & Earth - Crit Base Damage

    filled in the rest and made some edits
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      Originally posted by R239719897 View Post
      I'm fairly certain as there is a "transform" option which is still currently locked - it will be available in the future. In the same way that saintly power was not transformable when it first appeared.
      I agree - in the fullness of time - that section of the game will become available.
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