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Transformation option for Soul Stones

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  • Transformation option for Soul Stones

    We have a few items in game that can currently be transformed into another type:
    saintly powers

    What I was thinking was it would be nice to have an option to transform the Soul Stones into another type. For instance, changing nymph soul stones into character or dragon soul stones.. or any of the combinations. This would benefit people who have already spent the money to get the stones but unable to use them because of being maxed out on one point. Being able to transform them into a needed type would be very benficial, especially when so many stones are needed for upgrading on higher levels.

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    I don't know, given the main way to get them is through EVG purchase + reward for DOING an EVG purchase (or more precisely for spending gold on the right day), I seem to get them in fairly even proportion to how many I need. (except maybe extra nymph ones 'cause they turn up for recharging in a weekend session.)
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      if they were to do that then it would be a little too easy to get some stuff. yes i agree it is hard getting items to step up one's power when one does not have a lot of money to spend, and many people have been begging for more ways to get sun stones for free because they're so darned hard to get ones hands on without spending a ton of gold. Even i have asked for sun stones to drop in guild dungeons in place of one of the eadumon stone drops to no avail. some of us need more ways to get these items yes, but i don't think the devs are going to be too hot on this idea