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  • i have an idea

    it seems unfair that after alpha testing our characters that many of us have spent countless of hours playing would get deleted. it isn't fair. and it seems like a waste of time. i can guarantee that a lot of players don't even know that the character they struggled to build will get deleted in a couple of days. it almost makes me not want to play...ALMOST.
    i suggest there be some way for the original players to keep their characters. like an opt-in or something. that way the people who don't mind starting over don't have to. i only say this because in most places of the world time=money. at the very least i could have been doing something else and i almost feel cheated knowing that my character that i worked so hard to build is gonna be erased. just saying. i think we should be able to keep them.

    on a completely off topic question cuz i don't know where to post it, where do we make the application for the veteran player me with the answer.

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    All the characters should be deleted.... but thanks for the suggestion anyway.
    Also, if you want to be a vet, please check this: