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  • Awakening system

    As it (finally) appeared as event as well, here are the first numbers - I know everyone knows it takes the exact number of energy crystals stated in but at least players who want to upgrade it can have an idea about the amount of them needed .
    I could only go to lvl 4 so ... here it is:
    lvl 1 - 62 stones
    lvl 2 - 115 stones
    lvl 3 - 178 stones
    lvl 4 - 257 stones
    lvl 5 - 348 stones

    Other players who could go further and have the numbers for levels after lvl 5, please feel free to complete and come with adds .
    hellabella, S4 Westhollow
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    lvl 6 - 471 stones
    lvl 7 - 642 stones
    lvl 8 - 858 stones
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      well since if this is exact number to lvl up, how much br are you getting for each lvl ?


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        is it worth spending gold on this for the amount of br you get, I know the waredrobe lvl ups wasn't worth it so is this atleast ?


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          lvl 11 to 12 how much?