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What new things are new in level 70-79?

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  • What new things are new in level 70-79?

    I'm wondering whether to level up or not to level 70-79. I know cage and CSC will be different. Already have Happy Fight, Tree love, Dragon Awaken (Power of Dragon),
    At 70, we will unlock "Guardian RES" in Nymph Shrine, Last Dragon God from 7 Dragons, Wind Totem...
    All the extensions, but is there any new icons that will appear? Eg. when I levelled to 60, I could see Happy Fight, Nightmare Abyssm Dragon's Hoard, maybe Solo Showdown (I think).
    Any other info?

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    Basically at the moment the only reason to hold level at 60 is CSC / IM, since everyone above lv70 is at same bracket and there are much more competition.
    Difference at cages isn't so big since most of them usually are empty, unless you are in the new server.
    In addition to what you said, Star Soul dungeons are available at lv70 also, but its not a new icon, its just 2 tabs on the already existing Zodiac icon.
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