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[BUG] [S15] Sea of Lights .

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  • [BUG] [S15] Sea of Lights .


    6h+ that im stuck at 99%, so i'd like some info to what to do.

    using chrome still blocked.
    R2game luncher still blocked.

    Del browser cache and all did not help still lock at 99% *sight*

    - Did try on S14 was ok but S15 i can't go in anymore *** ? o.O

    -- By the way i was playing on it lv 72 rogue and that bug occur wile playing got disconnect , no message . Did try to refresh then get stuck to 99%.

    Click image for larger version

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    I have the same problem other servers are fine but s 15 goes to 99% and stops


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      wow still not fixed I did what I was told cleared my cache and flushed my DNS so whats next or is this just lost money I spent


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        S15 works fine. Since you have cleared your cache, flushed your DNS, and were able to log into other servers, please send in a ticket to so they can test your account.
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        For additional assistance with a ticket, please provide a moderator with your ingame name, server, and game.


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          Thx for the reply i did send a ticket before posting here, was hoping maybe there was a quick solution. waiting 3 day more for a reply ... i lose a lot and i can lose my guild so yeah


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            Still can't login , still no real action by the support ...


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              same here still can't login stops at the 3rd line loading at 70% I think that's where the problem is at


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                On server 15 sea of Light we are experiencing problem with brutal brawl as the main quest no one can level because when you into the screen for brutal brawl you have to click on easy plus click fight, but the real problem is when the little screen comes up called a notification for using 1 attempt doesn't work you can't click on okay or cancel. Plus you can't get out of that interface unless you refresh..screen shots provided. There is at least three other people in my guild also has this problem plus we cannot level in the game nor go any further.


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                  What are your in game names please, so one of us can bump someone at support about your tickets. Also, what was the last thing you did before getting stuck? Was it Brutal Brawl, just logging in for the day, or something else?
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                    Support reply :

                    Thank you for patiently waiting to our response.

                    First off we would like to inform you that Server [S15]Sea of Lights is perfectly working fine. Please kindly check your internet connection / Speed this may be the problem why your game doesn’t load.

                    Thank you and we hope to hear your response soon.

                    The R2Games Team

                    - not my connection working fine

                    -Ingame name : Notable WÃ*n2988

                    - i don't remeber what i was doing, i am lv72/73 if i remenber, what i do remenber its that i reload the game cause i was not able to reset some insance with the free reset and then i got stuck to 70%>99%

                    ticket Case #: 624348.
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                      Good morning, my char is Perversa S15 Sea of ​​Light, I can get into any other server, but in my case, I'm sending a print of the problem, I'm waiting for a return, 4 days without being able to enter the game.Click image for larger version

Name:	Capturar2.JPG
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                        I will forward a notice to the team and see what could be done about it. Can you message me your character name or something so the team can check?

                        also, a suggestion to fix the issue would be to clear cache & cookies and clear saved offline data on the browser. As the browser reload new data, maybe it will fix the problem.
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                          I did what you just tell him , it will not help .

                          and by the wait 9+ day stuck at 99% and the support still did do nothing about it ...


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                            Perversa S15 Sea of ​​Light..............

                            I have done all this, until I tried to log in other machines, nothing works, all serbers open normal, except esse, my character is PERVERSA


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                              Did get in no action done by me , and the support did not say more so maybe fix for now ? with a huge lost ...