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Do sorcerers have more advantage than other classes?

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  • Do sorcerers have more advantage than other classes?

    I just wish to get your ideas on this and not start a flame war. I admit that what prompted me to write this is that I've been having a hard time beating sorcerers (even those below my BR) so I wondered if you guys think they have more advantage than other classes. I play as a rogue and while rogues have good damage output and crits, it is only good for one vs one battles. If I am not mistaken sorcerers have ignore AC (?) skills coupled with large AOE such that a team with 3 other AOE allies would prove to be effective in dispatching opponents with ease. In our server, sorcerers lead the BR rankings and while there are some barbarians/rogues in the ranks, they are cashers.

    Maybe I am wrong but I guess I just haven't found the right lineup for my party yet, but let me know your thoughts on this.

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    Is this about Peerless, Arena or general B.R. ? Sorcerer's passive give good AP and augments atk. The main advantage of the sorcerer's aoe (and all cross shaped aoe in fact) is that there's not that many options for positionning units, so you often get to hit 3+ units (and thus get an edge in damage output).
    The downside in pvp is that this can be easily offset by the moon goddess. With a rogue, it's easier to kill someone quickly so they can't be healed. The 1 mana rogue skill can also severly restrict the sorcerer if he's in the wrong position.

    Character's base stats are mostly the same (exactly the same within a class, even), so team composition and formation actualy matters a lot. (and so does the order in which you characters act)

    In terms of simple B.R., sorcerers may have an advantage (at least at the start) since the aoe make it easier to clear dungeons and other things. Rogues and Barbs should fare better against wb and catacomb bosses however.


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      i think the advantage is mage to have 1 mana melee skill (AOE)...that skill should be ranged not melee.

      if u blind mage....he can cast skill...
      if u impede mage...he can cast skill

      ...but...i think taunt is very very effective against mages...he can cast only normal attacks...pyx do a good job against them in most times...

      * sorry for my "engrish" *


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        Rogue also has a melee skill and a ranged one. I'm guessing the barbarian is the same.

        Taunt is effective against pretty much anything except succubus.


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          In my experience, pretty much with same BR sorcerers or even those lower, 1 or 2 AOE skills gets rid of moon goddess and leaves the others heavily wounded. Even if you were able to heal, you can easily be outdamaged due to armor penetration. Also, restriction/taunt is only 1 turn (even then they can be resisted). Even true obliviation (rogues ultimate skill) is not enough to quickly dispatch sorcerers. With imperia, wings, mounts, ultima, etc., sorcerers can easily be as tough as barbarians with high damage output as rogues.

          I agree that careful positioning of your allies and strategic use of skills will play a role but overall sorcerers have better chances.


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            I agree with TS. They have good advantage towards crowd control and can easily dispatch enemies with strong AOEs. I think this is also the reason why most players chose the sorcerer class.
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              they surely give and do the most dmg and prefer mages for they are and can be opp if you build them right ive played all the classes and by far mages are the opp class to be just my opinion