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Thunder Axe

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  • Thunder Axe

    I am a free-to-play player and I am in need of the thunder axe. I was told that previously it was available in capsules for 1 silver ticket and some odd coins. However now I found out that it is a gold ticket. Please bring back the offer with silver tickets because non-cashers find it difficult to obtain such an amulet.

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    i am playing about 1 year and 3 months and neverr seen thunder axe in capsule with 1 silver ticket, always with gold one
    i am free player to and dont have yet helish amulet, and is my stronger hero
    would be nice to be more accessible, now with so low resources for events (eggs,tears, lotto vouchers , craft cards ) free players are doomed


    • #3
      I think you will find that was only the print for 1 silver & 500 coins, you still needed the 50 shards to synth it.


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        save your Angels Party stars and buy the shards there...and you can get the print for free in that tree events like...cliford tree